I had a relaxing morning laying in my hammock on the beach at Playa Azul Tulum reading and dozing – things that holidays are made of!
At noon I was going to meet my new friend for lunch so I had to head back to my cabana to get ready.

I wiped the sand off my feet before entering (oh SO much work to do, I thought to myself laughing) and I decided to take a nice cool shower.

hardly toweled off because I like the feeling of the cool breeze on my wet skin. So after throwing my pareo around my swimsuit I set out for the restaurant.

I approached the colorful palapa on the beach and heard a sultry voice singing from inside and I had the pleasure of arriving just in time to catch the tail end of a local jazz quartet’s first set.

The last two songs were ‘Mistress of Love’ and ‘Addicted’ and by then I was seriously addicted to their sound, too.

At their break I left my Lime Margarita at the table and went to introduce myself and Caro Montes, the beautiful lead singer/guitar player was delightful to speak with as she introduced herself and the band – Benny on guitar, Armando on drums  with Irving playing bass.
The four are professional local performers, but had recently formed a band called “Hertz Tonica”, and they were all excited by the sound and the music they were producing together.

Caro Montes told me she is from Monterrey and she sings at the annual Playa Del Carmen Jazz Festival. She has a lot of music on youtube so I made a note to myself to definitely subscribe to her channel when I got home.

My friend arrived and we decided to sit outside on the 2nd story deck that has a 360 degree panoramic view of one of the most secluded and beautiful beaches I have ever seen.

Our friendly waitress brought the menus and refreshed my Lime Margarita. We couldn’t decide what to order as everything sounded so delicious but we finally settled on sharing the Tropical Ceviche.

I have had many ceviches in my life – tart ones, salty ones, vinegary ones, but I haven’t once had a sweet one… the fresh fish, calamari and shrimps were surrounded with small cubes of fresh mango which are thankfully back in season. There was still the underlying flavorful tart taste normal for ceviche, but with a soft sweetness on top. Absolutely Yummy.

My Lime Margarita was great and what else can I say!

Even though I was completely stuffed my friend decided to try a hamburger and it was huge and completely mouthwatering. Jonathon the manager at Playa Azul told us they are fresh and homemade from the local butcher. The burger came with small potatoes wafting in the scent of rosemary. It was all too much for my friend so I helped by eating a portion of it.

We were both too stuffed for dessert so we bid goodbye to our Playa Azul lunch and ‘Hertz Tonica’ and went for a stroll along the beach….
But that is another story…